Beiro Nashoba

Emissary of the Wood Elf Council


Beiro Nashoba is a priest of the old faith, serving as a warden of the wilds since the day he was born. The first century of his life was spent as a sentinel of moonglade, an ancient and sacred shrine of the Wood Elves. Despite their inviting and friendly nature, no one other than those of the Wood Elf race were allowed to enter the hallowed ground of moonglade. Yet even then, those of the wood Elves who wished to visit the sacred site, could only enter if they were summoned by the heart of moonglade itself, the Lunar Stone.

The Lunar Stone is a mysterious sentient being which has guided the Wood Elves for eons. It is said to be as ancient as the dragons. The Lunar Stone resembles a large boulder made of a smooth, glowing, aqua colored mineral, which is also inscribed with countless runes in a text only the druids can decipher. The Lunar stone is a direct conduit of the Gods. Their wishes are passed on through the stone to the people. Each of the Wood Elves gets a chance to see the stone. Groups of Elves are summoned on the same day each year to visit the stone. For the Elves who have been summoned, this day is called a Lunarday. A Lunarday is often more anticipated than a birthday.

During Beiro Nashoba’s 200th Lunarday, he was told by the Lunar Stone he was no longer needed at Moonglade. A darkness was stirring in the North, the Hobgoblin Empire was growing capable in its might. The Lunar Stone became fearful for it’s people and sent Beiro and many others to the Wood Elf council to become emissary’s on a mission to recruit the aid of nearby Kingdoms, for not even all of Tadamar could handle this horde alone. For the next five decades, Beiro traveled the world improving relations between his homeland and the many other kingdoms. Now, with the ceasefire between Tadamar and the Hobgoblin Empire soon to end, Beiro must do all he can to solidify Defensive Alliances with the great leaders of Tracica.

Beiro Nashoba

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