Harry Hawk

Raids the lands in the name of justice, claiming Duke Erik to be a tyrant.


Harry Hawk wants nothing more than to rid the duchy of Equitain of what he considers to be a most vile man, Duke Erik “The Fat” Harney. He began his fight against the Erik once his father was killed by tax collectors, so the stories are told. Another tale commonly told however is that Harry came into conflict with the Duke after wooing his wife, although Erik refutes this story…

Whatever the origin of his conflict with the Duke, he has certainly managed to attain a fair number of followers, leading his band of outlaws on raids on the personal treasuries of Erik and gifting the spoils to the common people of Equitain. The peasants view of Harry Hawk is not so simple, many consider him to be evil for fighting against their most divine Duke. A few however do support his actions, harboring his outlaws when they need a place to hide and happily accepting the gifts Harry’s men give them in return.

Harry Hawk

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