Leader of the Backwater Bandits of Midonia, Iggy was feared throughout the lands. Having his hands in everything from illegal gambling to highway robbery, Iggy did it all. One day, one of his lackeys, Two Hands Tom, was thrown out of a local inn and came to Iggy trying to take his gun to shoot some “little shit” as he said. Iggy wanted to know who was the man who got Tom in such a fuss, come to find out it was just some boy. A boy by the name of Jeremiah Wilkins.

He saw potential in this kid, so he let him in with his group. Jeremiah had one condition. Not to go after his family’s Inn. Seeing little potential to make money in such a nowhere town, he accepted. Some years pass, and the law was getting closer and closer to the Bandits and even Iggy himself. So he signed a contract with the guardsmen. If he is to sell out everyone in his gang. Anything to save his own skin sounds like a good idea.

One thing he didn’t plan on, Jeremiah finding him out. Jeremiah leads him to an empty valley and puts a gun against his head. Knowing that he had no way out, he decides to let Jeremiah on the secret plan he had. Hearing that news, he pulls the trigger ending his life. Soon enough, the rest of the gang finds his body. The other 3 that were in on the deal found out about Jeremiah’s actions, and are now out to kill him to protect the deal they had, and to avenge their lost comrade.


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