Druid who works for William Watermore


Teratton is a bullywog whom is from The Great Grog however serves Duke William Watermore in Hungova. It is the wealth that he currently has as a result of his association with William which had spurred Teratton to leave The Great Grog in the first place. He thus abandoned his tribe, which

All those who he tried to associate with were instantly disgusted by his race, and cast him from their lands. Living on the land as he had his whole life, Teratton has learned a great deal of information about nature. As he finally arrived at Hungova, he was similarly shunned until he reached Greenob, which was ruled by Duke William Watermore. Duke William saw the wisdom that Teratton possessed, and decided to offer him a place in his court. All that was asked of Teratton is that he use his extensive knowledge of nature to help expand the fertility of the already fertile lands of Greenob.


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