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  • Midonia

    Midonia is a desolate land, which has on it one of the most wealthy and powerful nations, the Rabbinate Sultanate. Sultan Awooda Rabbi has brought wealth and power unlike that ever before seen in Midonia. Most of this success is due to the tribute which …

  • Rabbinate Sultanate

    The Rabbinate Sultanate has been in power for centuries in [[Midonia | Midonia]], and currently stretches all the way from Alhudud City in the north to Alendo city in Espalan. Through years WIP

  • Barry Allen Jr.

    i am an assassin and I get hired to kill people. My name is Barry Allen Jr. I am from [[Midonia | Midonia]] and my mother's name was Kate. She died in birth because of me, but I don't care. I was born for a reason.My father went insane and thought that I …

  • Pablo Esedesh

    Pablo Esedesh is a baker of some renown hailing from [[Midonia | Midonia]]. Although the local guards claim that he is a secret member of some crime syndicate, that has never been proven. He adopted [[:ballen | Barry Allen Jr. ]] as his son, and helped …